Site remodeling finished!

Long time, no oceans or deep lakes.

As 2016 is finally closing in, I have finished remodeling the site to a new look.

I can gladly say I dig the new specs! Since I have not been telling the audience what I have been up to the whole autumn, I look forward updating you all on future projects!



Welcome to!


Finally, most of the website puzzle pieces have been put together, so I am opening this site for the public! Ya-hoo. Google. Oh wait. YAY!

Now readers are able to find the Vanity Card Page & Vanity Card Archives from the menu at the top right corner and also find what this site is really all About.

You might have also found a page titled The Great Compendium of Love and Whatnot. Feel free to explore!

More content coming soon as I get every last piece of the website design working flawlessly..

Good night and good luck!

~ George Carcain