The Final Fanity For Now

Great to lend your eyes for a moment, friend.

Every now and then I stop and ask myself the simple question – what am I trying to achieve with X in my life (X being anything from a simple one day occurrence to a important future milestone) I think it’s important to evaluate things and perhaps even learn why you choose to do certain things in life.

Of course life is rarely paved by a chosen path, often we end up carrying ourselves to distant places by people we meet, friends we greet, by the things we feel. It’s okay to end up somewhere. Everything would end up being boring if every move would be met with a calculated decision.

So today I ended up thinking about what am I trying to achieve with this Vanity Card – project. Truth is I never had a plan for this, it was created to vent some of my anger, disappointment, humor, laugh and love. The whole spectrum of life itself.

What it turned out in the end.. I’m not so sure. Perhaps you can lend your eyes and opinion to me? For what it’s worth, it has been worth of my time if someone found a smile between the lines I wrote here.

As I am cutting costs nowadays (due to being jailed to house mortgage the next 25 years) I am leaving this site for a complete overhaul period, definition unknown.

I know that I have a lot of thoughts to process everyday and nowadays I seem to be too busy with juggling work, relationships, studying and having fun somewhere in the middle, I have no future plans to run the Vanity Card project. The snail slow pace of creating new cards has told this tale to last remaining readers a long time ago.

This is no end, not a goodbye.

You can always (and should) follow me on Instagram and see pieces related to my make-believe poetry project “The Great Compendium of Love and Whatnot”.

I wish you the happiest year of 2019 and Merry Christmas!

Thanks for your attention,



Welcome to!


Finally, most of the website puzzle pieces have been put together, so I am opening this site for the public! Ya-hoo. Google. Oh wait. YAY!

Now readers are able to find the Vanity Card Page & Vanity Card Archives from the menu at the top right corner and also find what this site is really all About.

You might have also found a page titled The Great Compendium of Love and Whatnot. Feel free to explore!

More content coming soon as I get every last piece of the website design working flawlessly..

Good night and good luck!

~ George Carcain