I highly honor your visit at my website, GeorgeCarcain.com!

I have established this site in January 2016 to showcase readers my writings, thoughts and inner feelings which are usually tightly knit into wordplay’s, poems or quotes, in order to gather the source material at one exact location for your own convenience.

Who am I?

My name is George.

I believe that streaming thoughts into words, sentences and meaningful text brings up the joy and sheer excitement into more suitable art form, rather than be hopelessly lost alone in the public.  When lumberjack cuts down a tree, one might hear the sound in the woods but nobody else witnesses the fall.

Since we humans intend on living only once and I highly enjoy showcasing my inner thoughts, emotions and experiences – why not leave a small mark carved in the tree of life? I might as well be the self-righteous yet small vandal who engraves the sentence:

George Carcain was here, lived and had couple of good things to say, what a fine fellow after all

I want all of you beloved readers to share your thoughts with me, to have a little laugh with me, to smile with your heart open and rejoice while were spending our time on this earthly rock planet going 67 000 miles per hour.

Yeah, the impending apocalypse derived from shortness of live has always been edging on my heels, due to my substantial life choices which the great book of life turned upside down on it’s own. I love to remember that everything is short, except the memories we pass down to next stranger at the streetlights.

I am willing to make the best of my life and I’ll be damned if I don’t laugh the last laugh with you!

So grab yourself  your most comfortable socks and share some of your life with me! Feel free to comment, tinker and dabble on the dashboard of our mutual ride to lunacy! Cheers!

~ George Carcain



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