Europe Travel Journal, Entry#1: Ich Bin Ein Berliner

The human mind is not the known for processing changes in a heartbeat. I complained to my friend at the start of the week that everything felt way too normal, even though I was packing my bags for almost three month trip through Europe. The change did not hit me in the airport lobby, the airplane nor the destination airport. Changing your mentality to vacation mode takes days, or even weeks. Now sitting in Berlin restaurant drinking local wheat beer and eating german wurst sausage and boom, it hits you. You are away from your homeland. 

I am not sure if I’m missing my old habits at the moment, my comfy bed, apartment and the drilling noices coming outside my window at 9 AM. But change is usually inevitable, scary and if you have blessed with introvert genes, it makes you a bit worried. Germany is not a huge change in atmosphere, people are friendly, streets are safe and everything is convenient. The trains work like a clockwork, metro and busses share a lot of similarities with the public transportation in Finland.

But one thing you notice quickly when walking around the city, the alcohol laws are less strict in here yet there is no bad behavior or ridicously drunken people. You can walk to the next possible market and buy 0,80 EUR pint or if you want to sit and birdwatch other people, pay couple euros more and there you have it. 0.5 litre beer from a tall glass and good view of the city.

Only thing that was utmost ridiculous was the shower at our hostel. I’m not going to lie to you, I am a big man and one of the missions for this trip was to lose weight by walking. The german engineering missed it’s mark in our hostel as the I was not able to squeeze myself through the shower glasses to stand under the drain. Even my traveling partner had a bit of a hard time. Perhaps the next hostel will better suited to a large men. I would also recommend anyone traveling in the summer in europe that your hostel has air conditioning in rooms. Makes the sleep better when you’re now swimming in your own sweat. 

The old buildings here, Berlin wall and the culture speaks of it’s history. Today we wisited the East Side Gallery which has a long road and the Berlin wall next to it has been canvas for various talented artists. It was kind of absurb and shameful that we met some kids on our way that were doing the Hitler salute for their parents. The locals looked in disgust the children and we all know the reason. The Holocaust victims and the German people themselves suffered greatly under the rule of Third Reich. The modern Germany is nothing like it’s old shadow. 

Berlin’s own beer festival opens its doors tomorrow in Alexanders Platz and we have planned to visit various breweries during our stay here in Berlin. I cannot highlight the quality of breweries in germany compared to the ones we have in Finland. Most of the beers in Finland are either exported from other countries or they taste like low quality piss. Although the public even in Finland has started to appreciate small breweries and everything is going to right direction that way.

One of our finest friends arrives today to Berlin as well and we have also decided to visit the local Tropical Islands waterpark to relax ourselves from the heat. Hopefully the german folk will hold their wienerschnitzel in their pants as we have heard some rumours that the park has a lot of nudist areas. Not sure if I am ready for that blitzkrieg-shock just yet. 

Pretty sure I will sum up the Berlin experience at the end of this week when we will pack our bags again and start to travel to Amsterdam. Have a great one and thanks for reading!

– George

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