Vanity Card #50 – The Designed Dropout



Song suggestion to compliment the Vanity Card, by Old Man Canyon


I believe the greatest feat any human being can achieve is to excel oneself in a way that can be described as a plot twist. Truthfully, I am done talking with fears and changes, this year is all about outperforming the talk into reality. I would like to dedicate the first few months of 2017 to the subject matter of dropping out of the loop. When an individual has gathered all the causes of distress in one’s life, it’s time to start checking the removal list one by one.

Aristotle once said that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. I have blabbered my mouth about this subject so long the drool is starting to hit the floor – I do not enjoy my current career as an office rat stamping meaningless papers and pressing forward button on emails. So that is the first one to go. I have made my peace, leaving this part of life on the rear-view mirror when planning the road ahead.

What’s next? Bad habits. I am leaving a landslide of bad habits behind. Truth is I have mistakenly joked a lot about being buried in the club 27 guest list. I have this working theory about misusing food to replace things that should raise the dopamine level of my brain. Truthfully, if I would have not fantasized about feasting hearty meals while growing up I probably ended up at therapists office. Rough childhood is great fertilizer for eating disorders. Exercising must gain a daily spotlight as well. This project not something to be accomplished in a week or a month, it’s something more that needs to be carried on my shoulders on a daily basis.

A removal list would be incomplete if I would not mention the spiritual support for all the changes I must overcome this year. The Lebanese-American artist and poet Kahlil Gibran wrote about friendship the following:

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.

I owe much to my friends as they have encouraged me while on the path on writing, music and life itself. However, not all acquaintances and strangers alike share the view of Kahlil Gibran regarding friendship. It’s always a heartbreak when you realize that the mutual trust and honor was not so mutual after all. In the end you will find seeds of new friendships in the ruins of old ones. For what it’s worth, I am not afraid of meeting new faces.

The unimaginable rewards lie on the horizon and I can for now only dream about how everything will come together at the end. One reward I know for sure, I will pack my bags and start an adventure abroad. As I am writing this now, I have few good things to keep me here in Finland. Let’s hope there’s more to come.

– George


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