Vanity Card #48 – The Creative Love Torment Outburst Syndrome


God damn, it feels great to come back to the writing board.

First of all, my sincere and deepest apologies for the invisible crowd that I have not spent time writing Vanity Cards lately as I have been experimenting with my Instagram.

If you’re desperately seeking for a confined reason for my silence, I can breastfeed you this nonsensical satire: In my personal recreational believe systems I hold a firm conviction that creative outbursts appear in unpredictable intervals and as I have been experimenting headfirst with relationships, I went num-nuts to amuse my blood vessels and nucleus accumbens shell.

If I had a legit doctor’s license that would work anywhere else than Borneo I would call it:

The Creative Love Torment Outburst Syndrome

Or just admit that I have been knowingly a lazy sorry-ass for months when it comes to writing.

The spring so far has been a quite a Pandora’s box of setbacks that I am merely reporting it in when the summer is gasping its lasts breaths. Last year I decided wholeheartedly that I would try effortlessly to relocate to US in order to revolutionize my life for a bit more compelling narrative than the conventional office rat espionage which got me hooked on slavers bay paychecks.

However, I had no luck with the foolproof DV lottery and I must seek other ways to inspire myself to rise above the lover class income of experiences. As the spring took a turn for worse, I gazed hard into the mirror and saw myself in it. Isn’t life grand, huh?

The Pokemon Go caught my heart in a Poké Ball and ever since I have been sweating my gene pool all over the local neighborhood and various unfamiliar territories. This week I am closing on hundred kilometers of NSA-surveilled GPS walking. For a man of my size I love the healthy addiction this game has brought to my attention.

As I promised myself to seek happiness in conjunction with success when the calendar page turned to 2016, I am taking the appropriate baby steps to further my goal. The main aim is my physical health that includes plenty of writing that stretches on many (doubtful) subjects.

In all shortness, please be very intrigued to read more Vanity Cards shortly.

– George


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