Vanity Card #45 – The Eagle’s Perspective

One of the greatest minds that ever lived on this planet, Albert Einstein, had a single quote that has been a close friend for me for many years.


One of the greatest minds that ever lived on this planet, Albert Einstein, had a single quote that has been a close friend for me for many years.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

However, I inherited the bad habit of self-will regarding certain matters  and this is the reason my life has not changed a lot in the past few years. I have tried certainly, but I have always felt that something was dragging me down to the pits. I have truly felt like a toddler who learns to walk just to be swiped under the rug and starting the process all over again.

As our human culture thinks that every single of us regains a new chance at happiness when the year changes, I must evade the survivor’s guilt and try to reshape my believes in the possibility it is true.

Slowly I turn my brain into dissolving the past year into moments of joyful experiences and into the ones that felt disappointing, troubled and hopeful in the sense of turning the tides some day. You go through your relationships, old and new, then separate the love life from the love you have for your family and friends – gaze into the memory lane and try to figure out the parts that needs to be separated completely in order to survive and be as outgoing as possible, as positive as possible, as good of a man I can be this year.

In all in all, it will be an emotional roller coaster embedded with your true feelings – yet depending heavily on logic. Today, as I am doing some of the “adjustments” – as I like to recall them, I remembered my fathers singing from our last summer together.

The message of the song is clear yet peaceful – this life of ours is only a temporary, beautiful thing gifted with the euphoria and sorrow that balances the scales. There is no reason to worry, since everything we live down will disappear one day. So spend your days wisely and enjoy your life to the fullest!

Isn’t this the message we should forward to everyone who is in despair and sorrowful? To encourage them to be the greatest version of themselves and help them to achieve it if possible?

Physical routines must be changed to healthier and your inner feelings about others must be re-evaluated. It’s never too easy to depart acquaintances, friends or loved ones who have been riddled with spreading negative emotions to people around them.

During these unfortunate occasions you have to cut the tree to make room for another that brings life around it. Whatever the cost, I will always remember them with a warm heart and bless their path with fortune and happiness.

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