Vanity Card #33 – The Game Changer


You know why the world needs hopeless romantics?

We are the ones that make the most irrational yet so amazing things for the sweet little thing called love. Isn’t it the best superpower a normal human being can have? How many of us are able to power through decisions beyond reasoning just to see someone special smile? Have you ever took a 800 kilometer flight just to bring a bucket of roses on someone’s doorsteps? Wrote and performed a song about that special one in front of thousands of people? Have you ever been carried away to a hotel room by a person who booked it knowingly that they will not spend next the night there? Written a poem for one special person just to see them blush?  I can gladly say, yes. Great stories for grand kids.

In return you normal mortals give us the hope to achieve our dreams by letting us channel yours to the stars above. You power us through the bad times and give us strength to wake up every morning and enjoy the small little things in life. The definition of happiness lies in the glare of your eyes. You make us smile by smiling. It’s really that simple. Knowledge is power, yes..but love conquers all aspects of life.

The real question remains, are you ready to be loved?

What if someone really special will tonight

set their foot on your doorstep?

What if the next knock is the Game Changer?


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