Vanity Card #32 – The Midnight Train


Sometimes late at night I wonder about an incident that happened couple years ago.

I was having a great night partying at Helsinki’s finest nightclubs and finally after way too many drinks, decided it was time to catch the last ride home. The good ol’ Midnight train. My eyes were like two smudged up pieces of skittles and my brain wanted desperately to catch some sweet REM glory couple stations too early.

To my amazement my fair well trip to the feathery islands was interrupted by a crying woman. She was in her mid 20’s, beautiful and way too innocent to force moisture out of her pretty face. I watched her eyelids turn into wet black smoke at the other side of the train seats.

I tried my best to sink my inner feelings into the abysmal sounds of my headphones but my heart finally gave out. I grasped my shining white armor, took a long breath and started walking. The hero of the downtrodden was here to save this grieving damsel in distress by sitting right in front of her.

She looked me directly into my eyes and then looked away, sobbing her troubles silently and did her best to hide the pain by swallowing every tear she shed.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” I said..

“I know it’s stupid of me to ask and it really isn’t my business, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of not trying to help you somehow.”

She looked at me with a small relieved but reserved smile.

“I know what you’re trying to do and believe me I think it’s really sweet’s just not appropriate now, I’ll be alright”

I looked into her eyes and said “Alright..”

“Can I at least know your name?”
“The damsel in distress must have a name.”

She smiled.

Next thing I knew it was already my stop.
Departure time was closing on me.

“Well, my name is George..I hope you’ll feel better soon. 
Remember, there ain’t no a men worth crying for. We’re all scumbags.”

While I stood up and started walking to the train’s exit she continued our god forsaken discussion.

“Hey George?”



“You’re welcome. If you never need my help, you know where to find me.”

As I watched the midnight train take off and leaving me drifting alone at the train station.. I felt genuinely pleased with myself. I had made a stranger in the night feel a bit better about herself. I wonder if she sometimes thinks about that night.

All I know is the fact that I never saw her again.


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