Vanity Card #9 – The Haddaway Effect


I actually spend a lot of my time thinking about love and how it connects our feelings with our actions.

This time my brain worked on something called unconditional love. According to some trustworthy information sources, unconditional love is the affection without any limits or boundaries. Most of the people describe it as love between family members or war comrades. I could make a mean joke here, but I’ll skip it for your enjoyment.

My own diagnose: unconditional love is the highest form of love one can give to another – you have mastered the ability to carry your love for someone through every obstacle in life. Your love does not wane in the edge of artificial matters, does not break through words nor actions. You simply love someone for who she/he really is.

Isn’t that the most beautiful thing in the world?

Loving someone by seeing through their own facade?

Isn’t that what we all really want?

How many questions can I put in a row before it starts to get annoying?

Am I there yet?

I really need to stop taking four hour naps.


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