Vanity Card #7 – The Common Courtesy


It’s not men or women who make the world go around.

Shocking revelation, yes. It’s the common courtesy that bends the social interactions into codes of behavior, labels and other hidden meanings. During the Age of Enlightenment our social standards were evolved by philosophers like Descartes, Voltaire, Hobbes and John Locke. Now when we look back it seems almost impossible to believe that these majestic thoughts gave birth to the French revolution.

Prepare La Guillotine!

Nowadays the common courtesy stands for politeness and good manners. These are of course pretty words for the behavior that we feel socially acceptable. It has grown into anything and everything, controlling the universe as we know it. The common courtesy states that it’s not cool if someone gets offended or their feelings hurt. No matter the possible real truth. You know what, it’s alright.

I just get sad when people act on it while browsing Tinder.


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