Vanity Card #6 – The Independence Day


Two soldiers are hiding in the snowy trench.

It has been dark for hours but the glittering snow lights up the small farm land. While one of the two soldiers starts to stare at the midnight sky, scouting team reports that the enemy is advancing through the grizzly forest. There was a certain chill in the air, whispering death for the soldiers that did not listen carefully. – this was an ambush.

Today our national TV station is broadcasting The Unknown Soldier. Here beneath the northern sky, Finland celebrates the independence day of our prestigious country. Please don’t hurt us, Russia! Kidding. We love you, big bear. Just don’t shoot our jets, alright?

I’m trying to pull a leg, crack a joke, poke some fun tonight..but every attempt just falls apart, you know? Suffering from a hangover has its effects, I guess. I’ll return funnier tomorrow..maybe.

Sleep easy Finland and happy Independence Day y’all!


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