Vanity Card #4 – The Unemployed Horseman


The Bible states that there are Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

According to the written legend, The Lamb of God (you know, the guy with the beard that got crucified) opened the four seals from Gods epic scroll and released The Four Horsemen.

This is my application for the position of fifth Horseman.

Man, you four have so cool names. Pestilence, War, Famine and Death. Here’s my pitch – I could be named “Unemployment”. Why, you ask me? Since the economy went down the drain in America and Europe, I could really score big! You know, I could ban graduates from getting any career plans going and boot the old timers from their cozy jobs. Then destroy all the old family companies and drink their tears!

I really think that would make your jobs way more easier!

Why should I be picked for this position?

  1. I am already unemployed and can’t find a working career
  2. I sometimes have desire for vengeance!
  3. I really like horses

So there you have it. Please say yes and I will contribute a worthy tribute in your name!

P.s. Can I give a cool name for my fierce horsie? Pinkie Pie?

P.p.s Can I paint it purple?


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