Vanity Card #28 – The Spontaneous Fool Ltd

Dear Male Customer,

Let’s be honest, it’s really tough to be spontaneous and romantic partner for your significant other on a daily basis…


Dear Male Customer,

Let’s be honest, it’s really tough to be spontaneous and romantic partner for your significant other on a daily basis. After all you work 8 hours a day to put your boxers on and show up wearing pants at work. You suffer daily from the agonizing trouble like finding a fresh pair of socks to use and getting used to the idea of leaving the toilet seat down. It’s hard to remember birthdays and how many years you have been together. After all, love is all about sharing a bed and not minding the occasional fart or two in front of each other.

Don’t sweat it bro. We proudly present our new kick-start company..


Do you even kiss,bro?

We have multitude of different kind of services for the active bro on the go. Rather chill and play some beer pong with your buddies? We got it bro. For premium 12,99$/month you can enjoy a diverse package that takes care of all of the romance and spontaneous activities a stable relationship needs. Our services include:

* The classic bouquet to her workplace with a specialized and personal love message. Who doesn’t love a rose or two?

* Randomly triggering restaurant reservation service.

Just enable the free iPhone app from Apple Store and enjoy sweet spontaneous meals with your loved one!

* Special day event manager.

Enter the special dates of your relationship and let the event manager do the job for you! High customization available from high and low price ranges to hottest season trends in the dating game!

* DreamSpy Marketing Tool™

Running out of clever gift ideas / common interests with your significant other? Feel free to hook our non-detectable DreamSpy Marketing Tool™ to your Facebook! This harmless* browser add-on gathers personalized information about your loved one’s Facebook-account and sends it straight your smart phone. Awesome and totally not stupid!

Please contact us for more detailed service descriptions.

Thank you!

*DreamSpy Marketing Tool™ is part of CIA Information Technology Corporation. By agreeing to our terms, you are giving CIA Information Technology Corporation full rights to your personal privacy. The Spontaneous Fool Ltd cannot be held accountable for any damages to you or your personal love relationships. Please use our services responsibly. Pretty sure nobody will read this small text, am I right? Here’s a joke. What’s smaller than your heart but bigger than your wallet? Our company conscience about making money on poor saps that are too stupid to appreciate women!


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