Vanity Card #22 – The Novelist: The 50 Shades of Seoul


Damon had ventured downstairs to the streets of Myeong-dong and found shelter at the Paris Baguette Cafe next to the hotel. Seeing the Eiffel tower on a building sign felt quite sedative since Damon had earlier done some writing work for a french publishing company in Paris. French cuisine was highly respected in Europe and seeing some of their delicious works in front the glass window in Korea made Damon smile. It felt like home away from home.

The upstairs had some room for a fellow traveler. Two marvelous coffee drinks and piece of strawberry cake landed on the wooden table accompanied with Damon’s laptop. Damon was sitting near the glass windows and the location presented a good view to the street buzzing with strangers walking around the avenue. It was perfect place to start on his new assignment, to write informative Korean history pieces as well as entertainment tips for deployed US army personnel in Korea.

Damon happens to make an unfortunate hand movement while writing and the coffee splashes on the laptop’s keyboard. While making silent curses, Damon takes a couple of swift steps to the counter. Fresh pieces of paper are urgently needed to wipe those coffee stains away. While simultaneously looking at the almost ruined laptop and grabbing paper from the paper dispenser, another pair of hands intervene. Damon and stunningly beautiful Korean woman are accidentally touching hands. The woman is visibly embarrassed about the situation and looks shyly away. Damon’s right hand launches off in a nervous manner, reaching for the back of his head.

“Ah, Sorry…I mean,”

Damon struggled to remember the phrases he learned during the flight from New York to Incheon. From the looks of it, the girl in question understood his mumbling.

“It’s okay. First time in Seoul?”

Damon drops his jaw to the ground from amazement.

“Oh, you speak English? Wow. Yes. Sorry for the trouble,

I’m pretty good at making awkward moments.”

The woman looks at Damon’s laptop and smiles for the first time.

“I can imagine. Great to meet you..?”

“ name is Damon. Nice to meet you..?”

“You can call me Kimberly.”


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