Vanity Card #21 – The Novelist: The 50 Shades of Seoul



Hearing Korean for the first time in person almost made Damon startled for a second.

“Yes. It’s pronounced Damon.”

The airport official smirked and gave Damon his passport back. After re-uniting with his luggage and couple of transportation setbacks later, Damon found himself staring at the hotel sign. Hotel Prince, Seoul. “The Emperor of New York has landed”, Damon says out loud, firmly grabbing his luggage and entering the hotel vestibule. Fifteen minutes later the room door closes and Damon falls into his hotel bed.

“Finally. Finally here.”

It was not like the number of people in the streets came as a shock to Damon, he had lived his whole life near the Big Apple. But the feeling of being culturally displaced concerned his mind. Did he bite off more than he could chew coming here on his own?


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