Vanity Card #18 – The Stockholm Syndrome


I recently took a booze cruise with my friends to Stockholm, Sweden. It’s a Finnish tradition to get hammered on a ship, make a mess and then having a moving floor for a week at your own home.

It’s all about cramming 4-10 people into a small cabin, laughing and drinking, playing music until the ship police comes to break your legs. If you’re lucky enough, you eventually reach the top floor of the ship – and make yourself a living proof of stupidity on the dance floor.

However, when you finally arrive home and drop your luggage next to the familiar pair of think to yourself: “Man, that was one epic cruise!” The Stockholm Syndrome must be working it’s magic.

Maybe it was all the booze or having fun with your awesome friends, the air of the sea or something like being personally summoned by two hot chicks to their cabin at 5 AM..that makes you believe the cruise was worth taking.

I guess we’ll never know!


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