Vanity Card #14 – No Smoke Without Tinder


The Roman poet Ovid was a true scholar of love and I’d probably give almost anything to have a small talk with him.

The man left us with an epitome of wonderful quotes, love poems and narratives that were full of wisdom. One of my personal favorites:

“Chance is always powerful. Let your hook be always cast; in the pool where you least expect it, there will be fish.”

That’s the perfect description of Tinder. I’ve been around Tinder for long enough to make myself question my annoyances and how I reflect my own nature with strangers. I have learned how it’s possible to make someone hang on your every word and how get yourself removed on the third. It’s a charade and I can be the best circus clown in town if I want to. The fact is – I don’t.

That’s why I don’t belong in Tinder. I don’t like to handle people like I handle my razor blades – used and thrown away. I want more than to do the sheet dance after the third sentence. Since Tinder’s main purpose is to find wood left in the open, this lumberjack closed the factory. You’ve found me guilty of actually giving a crap, yes.

I love to talk with strangers. I love to know people so they stop being strangers. When someone seeks my attention I always try to give my undivided concentration. I’m far away from being a saint, but if we have something in common and we actually enjoy spending time together – we will probably be friends for life or find something more meaningful in time.

While I have stopped fishing for the time being..

I will give away my personal list of annoyances that make me lose faith in humanity.

  • People who stare at their phones while spending real time together
  • People who end discussions without saying any reason
  • People who think that two words/emoticon is a legitimate reply to a conversation
  • People who always leave the initiative to start a discussion for the other person

I already have the answer for your question – yes, I have done all these annoyances to others myself. Hence, my self-loathing. However, this year I will try to be a better man or die trying.

You’re in luck, the front row seats are free! Popcorn, anyone?


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