Vanity Card #13 – The Self Reflections

From my own theories and personal experiences, there are only two customs on how we human beings start to bond with one another.First is the most natural one…


From my own theories and personal experiences, there are only two customs on how we human beings start to bond with one another.

First is the most natural one – physical attraction. Physical attraction just happens. It triggers our natural instincts to just rip the clothes off and do stuff like they do on the Discovery Channel.

The other way of bonding does not leave any question-marked stones unturned. We start to bond by sharing our personal secrets like our past, dating-preferences, interests, nature and such. We like to know one, to like one. It’s that simple.

Since I’m (pretty) sure there aren’t any clothes ripping between me and my readers, I’m going to use number two. Boom! A joke. Top shelf material, my beloved readers.

Mankind has known to do personal reflections. Here’s mine.

I spent the first quarter of my life taking care of my family. My dad was on home care due to brain hemorrhage that happened when I was four. When most of the kids my age played in kindergarten, I was at home keeping company for my dad. My mother worked two jobs, so she only came home to sleep. Good thing I had my sisters – they basically raised me.

Self reflection: I nowadays tend to grab onto things that make me feel young – because I had a pretty non-existent childhood.

Last year I lost my father, The Grim Reaper cut deep. Nevertheless, I tried to take care of my mourning mother. I encouraged her to get new hobbies, meet new people, enjoy life for once. She went crazy. For reasons I rather keep under the dome, I started to feel unsafe, had to flee from the house and I was homeless for a month until I found an apartment.

Self reflection: I’m not a superman. If I’m willing to take the role of a guardian, I might be thrown under the buss. Stay vigilant.

This autumn I tried to reconcile with the one who taught me to walk, to love, to respect. Things looked pretty good for a while. However, this Christmas I dropped a Christmas present to a mail box instead of the recipient. According to her, the real message of Christmas is to spend the holidays with a convicted ex-alcoholic gambler rather than your own family.

The final reflection: Chuck Lorre was right – what does not kill us, makes us bitter.

But never stop smiling. Life is all about the ups and downs and how we weather through the storm. I have learned that by crawling through 2014. When this year comes to its glorious end, so does this quarter of my life. I’m happy to start a new one!

I hope you all have a great year! Happy new year 2015!

Thanks for reading my vanity cards!


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