Vanity Card #11 – The Christmas Special


If you’re reading this, you’re probably eating the third chocolate box of the day.

Even though you just ate a king feast with your family. Shame on you fattie. I’m kidding, I already ate the fourth one. New Year’s resolutions about getting more fit, here they come.

Christmas really is the special time of the year. It reminds you of your personal relations, like a yearly check up on how people around you are doing. If you’re blessed with children, your fingers are probably tired from all the wrapping of presents. Then there’s the magical moment when a innocent child believes in something beautiful, like a fat bearded guy who likes children unconditionally. You think to yourself, god damn..they are still unaware of the world we live in.

Third world hunger, wars, murders, poverty and broken hearts. The list could go on forever. I plead for all of my readers to think the fellow human beings tonight. Feeling of happiness belongs to all of us. If you’re short on storage space, feel free to donate the belongings that you don’t need to less fortunate. Just a small smile carries a long way. It’s Christmas, after all.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to drink more mulled wine and pass out on my warm couch.

Happy Holidays!


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