Vanity Card #10 – Under The Mistletoe


Welcome to the Christmas holidays.

Hopefully you have found your Christmas spirit by now. If not, you’re out of luck my friend. It’s your favorite time to be excited for the smelting snowmen, the creepy small gnomes, the decorated pine trees and the one fat guy with a mission – to tell if you’ve been naughty. Hopefully Santa Claus will give hard packages to everyone!

Well..that sounded awkward.

On a more serious note, how did we even get from a religious event to the point we are now? Singing Christmas carols at local shopping malls and stressing about how long the ham will cook in the oven? Shopping for presents that mainly consists of boxers, socks, perfumes, scented candles and chocolate boxes? Keeping the dinner clean with relatives you see once in a year?

Eating yourselves to death? Na-aw, not this time.

Single 25-o-me does not agree. If you’re looking for me this Christmas, I will be laying on the floor with full cups of eggnog..under the mistletoe.

Feel free to join me.

Merry Christmas!


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